Welcome to the shop-related FAQ. This page states our terms of service for our event ticket sales. For event-related frequent questions, please visit our Bear Week FAQ or our Bear Wellness Experience FAQ.

What will I find here?

They purpose of this website is to sell tickets for Bear Carnival events, to be held in Gran Canaria. Underage persons are forbidden to book or access these events. Additional items may include T-shirts and VIP wristbands.

Tickets and events

Can I get a ticket for a sold out event?

Possibly! But it’s really a matter of luck. Even when we never overbook a venue, we have two alternatives for you:

  • Please click on “join waitlist” at the ticket page. You will be instantly notified by e-mail if new tickets are on sale, for example when some some previous bookings are cancelled or the event can be expanded somehow.
  • Just pop in. Sometimes ticket buyers just don’t show up at the door of party, or at meeting point of a trip. In those case, some extra seats can be sold on a first come-first served basis. Please undestand that you will probably need to wait till we can assist you. Also, please bring exact change for that and have an alternative plan for the day, as no one can guarantee you will be in.

Do I have to buy a ticket for an event held at my accommodation?

It depends on the event. In the case of a pool party, you are free to enter. Just show your hotel key card to the party reception staff, and you are in. However, your accommodation could ask for a payment in case of another kind of event, especially a food event.

Why and when should I book?

Not all events on our programme are sold here. Only those with a limited capacity are ticketed, and we must warn you  many of them are usually unavailable even before the bear week begins. The boat cruises, tours and spa evenings, together with the official T-shirts, are usually the first ones to sell out. Last edition, we even sold out the main pool party at AxelBeach (950 bears). So yes, it is very advisable to book those tickets offered here.

Apart from this bookable events, there are many free to attend parties, and specialty events held at big clubs (ie, Bunker) which need no booking.

How does the ticketing system work?

After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code. Our doormen will scan that code at the entrance of the event your booked for. Just show it on paper or screen (please set your screen to maximum brightness), and you’re in. If you loose your ticket, we will have a backup list with names and surnames, but your entry will be delayed.

Can I order a special dish on a food event?

If you are allergic or vegetarian/vegan, please specify your condition on the notes field of your booking, or just e-mail us. We will do our best to satisfy your needs. However, cruises have a set menu (you can have a salad-only dish if requested), and you can always bring your own food if necessary.

Ticket Exchanges and refunds

Can i get a ticket refund?

Yes, but only in you have access to your ticket, and one of these cases apply: event postponing/cancellation, official weather alert stopping guests from accessing, or travel restrictions from/to your country. Otherwise, all sales are final; situations such as personal problems or a change of mind should be covered by an inexpensive travel insurance you can get anywhere.   Valid refunds can be requested up to two days before the event. A small 6,5% Paypal fee could be deducted from the refund. Events outside the bear week (such as the Bear Camp or the Bear Wellness Experience) may feature different conditions on their corresponding web pages.

I have lost my ticket. What can I do?

Please access your account, and then click on “Tickets”. You should be able to download a copy of your tickets.

Are online payments secure?

Our whole site is encrypted using SSL technology, as your brower will tell you (see the padlock icon next to our web address?) Thanks to this, your credit card data can be securely managed by world-class Paypal payment gateway.

What will I see at my credit card statement?

Every transaction will appear as “PAYPAL *BCARNIVAL”. With this, we tried to balance discretion with usefulness, as “bcarnival” could be related to any carnival. If this could still pose a problem for you, we suggest to get your ticket locally, when available.

Extra items: T-shirts and VIP wristbands

How will you deliver my T-shirt and VIP wristbands?

You can locally collect your pre-booked T-shirts and VIP wristbands at our Meet & Greet event and at the Info-Kiosk behind Kiki Bar (opens at 20:00) . Please visit the Maps page for directions and VIP page for an updated list of collection points. Exceptionally, you can also have your items mailed or collected by you or any authorized person after the bear week (please read below).

More questions?

Please use our contact form or write to shop@bearcarnival.com