If you plan to get a VIP wristband (10 €):

If you don’t plan to get a VIP wristband:

What to choose?

Optional VIP wristbands are both a discount wristband and a priority pass. They only cost 10 € per person and allow for up to 6 € discounts at most popular events. They also ease bookings as Non-VIP tickets are limited. Besides, you will be supporting the staff of your favourite bear week!

How does the VIP system work?

  • If you plan to buy a VIP wristband, please buy discounted VIP tickets only, and show both items (wristband and ticket) when entering the event.
  • If you don’t plan to buy a VIP wristband, you must buy Non-VIP tickets only (with no discount at all).
  • At the event, a VIP ticket shown with no VIP wristband will force us to ask for the price difference, delaying your entry.

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