What’s the programme about, in general?

  • Events at the Gay Beach, and at terrace bars, pubs, sex clubs (!) and pools, including the official accommodation.

  • Main event at a Western theme park, including lots of animation, big BBQ, theater show with Dr Woof, discotheque... and hundreds of cowboy-bears!

  • Western parties and "Mr Bear" party at Yumbo Centre’s main venues. Everyone gets a costume or at least a hat, so don't be shy! 

  • Pirate Boat Cruise. Imagine hundreds of bears and friends dressed in disguise, partying… on a replica galleon sailing along the coast!

  • Excursions to see the jaw-dropping interior landscapes of Gran Canaria, colonial towns and even a horseriding experience!

  • VIP events: sometimes you get to know other guys better in smaller events. These will range from a luxury spa evening to an exclusive yacht cruise or games at different attractions. 
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Is this just for bears?

No. Bear Carnival is for bears, friends and admirers. Everyone is welcome, though many events will be only for men.

I don’t like carnivals!

Come anyway! The programme is 7 days-long. There are almost 30 events to choose from, and none of them has a costume dresscode.

So I don’t have to wear a fancy dress?

Nope! Though you will be especially welcome with your favourite uniform or costume on. The suggested theme for Bear Carnival 2016 is “the Wild West”, as you may have guessed from our ads. Any cowboy hat, indian feathers patch, bandama or knick-knack will grant you a discount, priority access, free shots and other advantages. Anyway, accessories (and full costumes if you're really up to that) will be available for purchase at local shops with a discount. 

But where to go to, if I finally want to buy a costume or accessory?

 You have three shops very close to the tourist area. You can go walking or taking a taxi:
  • Party Party: Tirajana Avenue, Aloe Aparments.
  • Bazar Ani: next to the main entrance to Playa del Inglés (roundabout to Tirajana Avenue)
  • Carolán: Bellavista shopping centre, 1st floor. Partera Leonorita street. San Fernando de Maspalomas.

Who’s organizing all this?

Igon Canaries and Lobo (GCGAY). That is, the creators of the successful "Maspalomas Fetish Week" and the older “Bear Beach” parties, among many other events. 

Do you have any doubt?

Please contact us at this page.